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  • Mikhail Khan, Marketing

Salesforce World Tour London '19

Marvel is without a doubt the flavor of the summer and everyone knows that Extentia has its own team of heroes! Extentia’s Salesforce Avengers assembled at the London World Tour and geared up for a riveting day full of insight, innovation, and collaboration among members from across the European Salesforce Ohana. Their ‘endgame’ was to showcase the pioneering endeavors of Extentia’s Salesforce Practice as well as to connect with partners both old and new.

Each member of our dream team were in attendance and you’ll be able to find them at a multitude of different sessions and demonstrations. Binu couldn’t wait for the early morning session on “Creating a Trailhead Culture of Learning” as he believed that it would provide valuable suggestions pertaining to how to improve Extentia’s own path-breaking internal training program, “StepUp”. Naazneen and Komal on the other hand were keen to take in insights at the 9:30 a.m. session on ‘Leveraging Einstein Analytics to Improve Service Profitability’. As expected it was a whirlwind day for Naazneen, Komal, and Binu and with so much going on they found themselves lamenting the fact that they couldn’t be at two places at once. From the moment they arrived they were swept up by an awesome wave of keynote addresses, sessions and demonstrations. They also involved themselves in some fascinating discussions with fellow Trailblazers that revolved around a plethora of Salesforce offerings from Lightning Flow solutions to Field Service Lightning to Einstein Analytics. We also found numerous opportunities to present Extentia’s own applications Map Plotter, Set Up Payments, and our newest addition Admin Task Optimizer.

The fact that our one of a kind Salesforce Practice is able to stand toe with the crème de la crème of the Salesforce Ohana is something all of us wear as a badge of honor – along with our Trailhead badges of course.

On the whole, the London World Tour left an indelible mark on Extentia’s Salesforce dream team. This year’s edition had everything you could ever ask for from a world tour and then some with sessions brimming with vital insights, innovative demonstrations, and opportunities to interact with some of the very best of the United Kingdom’s Salesforce Ohana.

The main keynote address of the day, ‘A Celebration of Trailblazers’ perfectly encapsulated the enormous steps both Extentia and Salesforce have undertaken over the last decade through the utilization and proliferation of powerful technologies such as Lightning, Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Analytics, and many more. Executive Vice President and General Manager at Salesforce UK, Paul Smith was at his eloquent best for the entirety of the keynote and it was wonderful to see him both on stage and in person later on.

This world tour was also successful in the way that it allowed us to showcase the stellar endeavors of our path breaking Salesforce Practice in areas such as Marketing Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Lightning Ready development. Binu, Komal, and Naazneen sounded like proud parents when they told us about the praise that the practice had received from Trailblazers from the very highest echelons of the Salesforce Ohana.

Our terrific trio was also extremely pleased to add to their ever-growing sticker and badge collection. At this rate we’re likely going to need a dedicated room at Extentia headquarters. Having said that, Komal’s office is sort of one already. That brings our coverage of the London Edition of the Salesforce World Tour to an emphatic end. We’ll see all of you very soon!

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