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Uploading Apps on Google Play Store Listing

In my previous post, I covered all that one should be ready with at the time of uploading an app on the Apple App Store. In this one, I am putting down a checklist for uploading Android apps on the Google Play Store.

Google play store app listing checklist

Let’s first look at all the mandatory assets that you should have in place at the time of uploading your app on the Play Store!

Required Properties

App Name

The name that will appear on the Google Play Store –should be within 50 characters.

Short Description

A short description about your application – keeping it within 8- characters, choose keywords that best tell about the app.

Full Description

A longer description of your application will be displayed on the full Play Store listing page. You can go up to 4000 characters for this descriptive text.

High-res Icon

An image in 32-bit PNG format (with alpha) of the app icon that is exactly 512 x 512 pixels. The maximum file size should not exceed 1024 KB.


Screenshots that show what your app looks like on a device. These are displayed on the app’s listing on the Play Store Android and web app. It should include 2 to 8 screenshots for each device type –phone, tablet, Android Wear (now Wear OS). Screenshots should be in JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha) format with minimum dimensions of 320 pixels and a maximum of 3840 pixels.

Featured Graphics

These are displayed over various places on the Play Store Android and web app. The required format is JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha) in 1024 x 500 pixels.


Pick an application type either App or Game and select the best matching category which describes your app’s usage. For more information, see Choose a category.


Simply decide how the application should be priced. Choose from either free or paid. For more information, see Set up your app's prices.

Privacy Policy URL

If your app is expected to collect any sensitive data or is designed for children, then you have to provide the privacy policy URL.

Now, that you know all that you must keep ready to be able to successfully upload your app on Play Store, here’s one option property that you can include in your listing to enhance your app’s reach:

Optional Properties

Promo Video

Used for showing the features and the look and feel of the app, this video will be displayed before your screenshots on your app’s listing on the Play Store Android and web app. You can simply the URL of a YouTube video for this purpose.

This is the App Store Listing excel sheet with all the details which you can easily share to get the info from the clients.

I have compiled all these points in this Excel sheet – that you can refer to as your checklist whole uploading apps on Google Play Store.

Thank you for reading, I hope this information comes in handy. I will be sharing more knowledge around similar topics, stay tuned!

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