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  • Ashish Shukla, Sr. Technical Architect

Wizards of Extentia – Ashish Shukla

WIzards of Extentia Mahesh Lokhande

In a nutshell:

I have been exposed to a plethora of knowledge and learning opportunities here that have been paramount in contributing to my professional as well as personal growth.


I was looking for internships around my hometown Rajkot after I graduated. I did not have any plans of relocating anywhere else, however, one of my seniors who was working at Extentia told me to apply for an internship there. The top 10 students of my college applied too, and five of us got selected! After I moved to Pune, there was no turning back for me. My friends and Extentia family never gave me a chance to miss home.

Down the memory lane:

I have had the chance to learn so much here and work on projects of all types and sizes. I have worked in a team of 5 members and have also been a part of projects with 30+ members. I love that I get to explore all types of technologies. I started with technologies like ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, SQL Server, Adobe Flex, and many more. Nine years before, I started my journey in Salesforce technology. I kept learning and getting certified to upskill which unlocked a lot of opportunities for me.

Work and projects:

I have worked on various projects. What I enjoy the most is that I get a chance to work on the latest technologies here! Especially technologies related to Salesforce. We are doing remarkably interesting work on this platform.

At present!

I am currently a Sr Technical Architect working on exciting AppExchange products and Salesforce-related technology.

Memories and achievements:

There have been countless wonderful memories at Extentia but the ones that stand out the most are related to our company culture. How regardless of what rank in the office you hold - everyone is very helpful and caring. I remember when I was learning to drive in USA, it was a little challenging. At times my Extentia friend Chetan played the role of driving instructor with enormous patience. But, a special moment was when Boss and Naazneen also helped me elevate my driving skills. It was very heart-touching.

Becoming a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and winning the Salesforce ISV Hackathon are two of my achievements! Also, in the email sent to everyone, Binu acknowledged me for becoming the first Salesforce Certified Application Architect at Extentia. That was a very special moment for me.

Extentia for me:

It is a wonderful place for me. I found friends, a support system, access to all types of opportunities that were not just technology-related but tournaments like XPL which gave me a chance to pursue my hobbies like singing, playing badminton, and table tennis. Being an Extentian has enriched my life!

To the young professionals!

I would recommend young professionals who are doers and like to learn, want challenging work, and keep learning. Extentia is a great place to explore loads of different avenues to pursue.

My lifelines!

I have many lifelines here. For all the tech-related things I can always count on Binu, Sarang and Mukund. My lunch crew including Suhas, Sarang, Chetan, Atit are especially important to me. It would be unfair not to mention Vivek, Debadutta, Amit and Sid as they are always available when I need them.

My most important lifeline is my wife without her support I would never be able to give Extentia my 100% !

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