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  • Devashish Nayak, Delivery Manager, Engineering

Wizards of Extentia: Devashish Nayak

How it all began…

Back in 2005, encouraged by a childhood friend, I relocated from Bhopal, a place that has taught me a lot in my life, to Pune – given the opportunities it offers in the IT space. After exploring a few career opportunities – I got to work as a tech lead in Extentia. Ever since the beginning of my journey, I have got to work on long-term enterprise projects with established customers. My first onsite visit to the Netherlands which was also the first customer for Extentia in that region has been a milestone in my career – something that built my confidence significantly. Since then, I have traveled to several other countries for work, including the US, Australia, Singapore, the Middle East, more. I moved to the position of a technical architect first and then to principal architect which I consider as one of the biggest achievements in my career.

There have been a couple of turning points for me, which changed my vision and outlook. Till 2015, I had already worked on leading projects across domains including travel, healthcare, FMCG, retail, and e-commerce – everything was going glitch-free, from a career standpoint. Then, a big project that I was on, stopped mid-way which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I used this time to introspect, self-evaluate, and sharpen my skills. In 2016, I got an opportunity to venture into uncharted territory – SAP! What started as a new line of business to deliver applications using the SAP Cloud Platform, grew into a large team that has, to date, successfully delivered 30+ projects across mobility, cloud, and analytics. Currently leading Extentia’s SAP Practice as a Delivery Manager, I’d say, my tenure at Extentia has been the most rewarding part of my professional journey of 20 years!

Advice to youngsters

Always keep learning and create peripherals across what you are good at. Attention to detail is something that is fundamental for any function, a quality that everyone should imbibe. Organizing yourself and creating a balance between your professional and personal life can benefit you in many ways. Lastly, honesty, consistency, and learning from your own mistakes make to this list for obvious reasons – these are conducive to a better professional as well as personal life.

What makes Extentia such a great place to work?

At Extentia, I have always felt acknowledged and appreciated. Always blessed with the best mentors in the company, I have enjoyed the freedom to speak, choose, and take decisions. The senior leadership here is exceptionally disciplined, hardworking, and inspirational – I have taken numerous lessons and tremendous learning from them, something that no university can teach you!

When not working….

Cooking is a major stressbuster for me – I enjoy every bit of it! I also love to learn painting and crafts along with my kids. Lastly, I like sports and enjoy them now and then – it also keeps me fit!


Extentia maushis – always serving cold coffee (especially for me), with a smile on the face :)

Extentia’s org team – for all the operational support

My seniors – members of the leadership team who I work with

My teammates – I don’t think I can function without them!

My family – of course!

Connect with me!

Talk to me for anything on leadership and personal management, all things technical, including – database, web services, mobility, cloud, analytics, and more!

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