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  • Hemaush Nagoriya, Tech Architect

Wizards of Extentia – Hemaush Nagoriya

In a nutshell:

I have learned a lot and evolved over the years. The journey has been a steady climb.


I started working at Extentia right after college. A friend of mine referred me for the job. I spent a whole day at Extentia as there were multiple rounds of interviews. I remember I came in the morning for my interview and left in the evening!

Down memory lane

I have been a part of Extentia for 16 years now. My first day at Extentia was very funny. I joined on a Friday and was waiting to get assigned a laptop and my machines. I waited the whole day and was still not assigned one. Later I found out everyone was busy because it was the annual party! My colleagues invited me to the party and so, I began my journey here with the biggest bash Extentia throws!

Work and projects

I have been fortunate to work on core technologies like C and Java to frameworks like .NET and Spring domain for travel and e-commerce to tech giants like SAP and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Learning end-to-end steps of delivery execution to building a team and being responsible for one's craft are some of the highlights. I have worked on 10+ projects but most of them have been long-term projects with durations from 3 years to 5 years.

At present!

Currently, I am a Technical Architect at Extentia, and I'm working on an exciting project!

Memories and achievement

There were 2 major challenging situations that I recall vividly. In 2011, a huge legacy codebase without any technical details was assigned, we had to make it work. It took us a month to crack it and once we solved the puzzle of compilation, it felt great because since then that customer looked at Extentia as a technology partner and worked with Extentia on a continuous basis. We were presented with a similar situation once again, when we were thrown into an e-commerce SAP hybris project with legacy code with no technical help, we cracked it and the customer has been with us for more than 5 years now! Delivering confidence is what we do best here.

Extentia for me

I believe we deliver confidence here in whatever we do. It is and continues to be a great place for me to learn and grow. Personally and professionally.

To the young professionals!

It is a good company that provides a great starting point to one's career and shapes it well. It is a perfect place where you are challenged and given the freedom to learn, explore and grow along with guidance from the experience of seniors. There are various programs and activities happening throughout the year that keep you fit mentally and physically.

My lifelines!

My family, of course, but there is a batch of people in Extentia who joined around the same time I did. There are like 15-20 of us, they are my lifelines and extended family, I look forward to meeting them every day!

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