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  • Jigisha Ved, Senior Technical Architect

Wizards of Extentia: Jigisha Ved

Wizards of Extentia: Jigisha Ved

In a nutshell:

I am a learner who firmly believes in learning by doing!

This attitude has been a boon to my professional career. It's not only the appreciation but the constant feedbacks that does the trick and help me grow.


It feels like yesterday when I was waiting for my interview, sitting at EHP since morning. I had seven rounds of interviews, and all I could think of was the constant refreshments served to the employees. It felt great that Extentia is so considerate about its employees, which is a rarity elsewhere.

Down the memory lane!

It's been 15 years now; the years have helped me grow professionally and personally. Problem-solving is something that I love the most. There were times when I was unaware of my skills. Thanks to my team! For identifying the hidden potential each time in me. It has helped me sharpen my skills.

Work and projects

I have worked on various projects with various new technologies and applications. From .Net to Angular, Node JS to Java, there was no restriction on exploring new technologies and working with new tools.

I have worked on a single project for seven years and another seven years on multiple projects. Looking back at my journey always makes me feel happy and satisfied.

At present!

I am currently working as a Senior Technical Architect with the Java-based team. Coding is what I love the most!

Memories and achievements!

The support I got during and after my maternity leave is unexplainable. I had the option and flexibility to join when I was comfortable. These are some things beyond just the policies. I also remember the time I was asked to study the Linux library, which I had the slightest knowledge of; we never had Google at that time, so I learned Linux by repeating the mistakes again and again – it was rather fun!

Extentia for me

It always feels like home at Extentia. The support, warmth, flexibility, and exposure that one gets here are always great and enriching. To sum it up, the warmth that we all receive at Extentia makes it no less than a home away from home.

To the young professionals

The young professionals of today are enthusiastic in whatever they do. Enjoy your work and get exposed to new avenues is what I would like to suggest to them.

My Lifelines!

My team is my lifeline, each one at Extentia has always helped me walk through my journey easily. You are nothing without your team!

And, of course, my mother-in-law! She has been my strongest pillar on the homefront.

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