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  • Mahesh Lokhande, Senior General Manager, System Administration

Wizards of Extentia – Mahesh Lokhande

WIzards of Extentia Mahesh Lokhande

In a nutshell:

Being a constant learner, I learned everything from scratch. All the involvement and exploration that I was exposed to around me has helped me evolve all through the years.


It feels like now when I came from Karnataka to visit my sister and was referred to try for Extentia. My interview went well, and I had to meet the CEO for the final round. It was the most easy-going interview I ever had. Answering his question about my five-year plan, I said I wanted to become a System Manager in the next five years. The other day I joined Extentia!

Down the memory lane

It's been 16 years now; we started with a team of 60-70 people, and now we are 700+. The journey has been smooth and evolving. Thanks to all the experiences, learnings, and opportunities during my tenure till now! Things have transformed quite rapidly.

Work and Projects

I have worked on various projects with various modern technologies and applications. From Java to Linux to Windows, there was no restriction on exploring new technologies and working with new tools. Linux has always been my favorite technology so far!

At Present!

I am currently working as a Senior General Manager for the System Administration team.

Memories and Achievements

There have been many memories in these golden years of my life at Extentia. I remember the first significant achievement way back in 2006, where we had to set up the entire infrastructure and new servers, which was a momentous success back then.

Another memorable moment was interconnecting between offices (North and South main road), it was not easy, and we worked day and night. Everything was worth it in the end.

Extentia for me

It always feels like home at Extentia. The support, help, flexibility, and exposure that one gets here are always great and enriching. I am more creative working at the office rather than at home!

To the young professionals!

Be consistent in what you do. It's all about learning new things and going through the process.

My Lifelines!

Boss (Extentia, CEO) has been my biggest lifeline. The help and support I received from him are indescribable. He has been my mentor right from the beginning till now.

And, of course, my wife! She has been my strongest pillar on the home front.

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