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  • Yamini Gore, Design Lead

Wizards of Extentia: Yamini Gore

In a Nutshell

Although I am an introvert, a silent and reserved person, my expressions are reflected in my designs and creativity. I love creative art and am presently learning music.


Looking back, I remember seeking a change after having worked for a year and a half with my previous company. It was then that Extentia happened to me. I joined as a trainee and since then I have learnt something every day. I was fortunate to be a part of Extentia when it was still growing too, especially in terms of adopting new design technologies – I can say we grew together! My journey includes working a variety of design projects with multiple skilled people – something I would cherish throughout my life.

Down the Memory Lane

I started working with international clients immediately after joining Extentia. No matter how simple or complex any task is, I learnt to be more organized – it is a must in design. From image editing to template-based design, from animated banners on word and PPT to GIFs, from working with Flash to moving on to graphic designing, I got some excellent opportunities to evolve and grow both personally and professionally. My journey has been full of learning, satisfaction, growth, and happiness.

Works and Projects

  • Worked on 300+ projects with various new applications and technologies, right from Flash to UI and UX designing.

  • Key domain – Web, Mobile, E-Commerce, Health, Finance, Design System, Print, and lots more.

At Present!

Currently, I am working as a Design Lead with several teams at Extentia. For me, impressive designs and usability come first – which means impression matters more even though you create a usable and balance out the design.

Memories and Achievements!

There have been great memories with Extentia. I remember working on a project which required new technology learning along with design. With sheer hard work, dedication, and passion we completed this complex project and eventually our client ended up getting an award for that project at the Dreamforce event! Secondly, my learnings itself has been my achievements. I have done several design courses in order to stay updated with the latest design knowledge, industry guidelines, and trends. I took a 15-day course on UX designing, and now I am working on several key UX projects. It is all about learning every day!

Extentia for me

Working at Extentia has taught me many things; being patient and persistent in what I do is the key to success. I appreciate the extra efforts Extentia takes for women, whether on events or late-night shifts. Extentia is always there – we feel safe and secure here. I have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented people who have always been supportive and motivating. To sum it up, Extentia, for me, is a powerhouse of learning with a safe and inclusive environment.

To the young professionals

Being in a company for a long time is not easy. Do not compare yourself to others – everyone is on their own learning graph. Try to learn from every task and experience you come across, irrespective of whether it is related to your skillset or not – keep going, keep learning!

My Lifelines

My leaders are my lifeline in my professional life. They have always been helpful and supportive. The enthusiasm they bring to the table along with the rich environment they create makes it very easy for us to think and create.

Second, is my family – without whom I am nothing!

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