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  • Yogesh Joglekar, Senior Technical Project Manager

Wizards of Extentia – Yogesh Joglekar

Life at Extentia - Yogesh

In a nutshell:

I’m a father, a cook, a techie and a manager, will be completing thirteen years with Extentia this year! It has been a fantastic journey, full of learning, exploring, and numerous opportunities.


The start of my career at Extentia could not have come at a better time. I was interning at a company as a requirement for my master's program. This was in the year 2009, which was also the year of the biggest financial crisis. The company I was interning at refused to absorb any interns. I started applying outside and got a couple of offers also.

That is when Sunita Shetty, who was working at the same firm, referred me to Extentia. I had four rounds of interviews, and here I am thirteen years later! I was destined to be here.

Down memory lane

On my first day at Extentia, I arrived at the Koregaon Park office on the dot, dressed in formal. I was waiting at reception to complete a few formalities. In walked this man in shorts and a t-shirt with a camera. I kept staring at him because I had seen him somewhere but could not recall where. After couple of minutes racking my brain, I remembered that I saw him on the Extentia website, and he is the CEO of the company.

That was my introduction to Extentia's open, friendly, and helpful culture. Since then, I have ditched formals.

Work and projects

Being a techie, I worked in Microsoft and Open-Source technologies.

Having expertise in building web, cloud, and mobile solutions for different domains such as education, agriculture, real estate and automobile.

At present!

Now, I am a Senior Technical Project Manager, leading and working on a big, exciting project with one of the largest teams in Extentia!

Memories and achievements!

After just two years at Extentia, I worked without a manager on a project and started coordinating with the client – something I had not done before. But I was confident because of the immense faith Naazneen, and Jaya expressed toward me. Both have been instrumental in my growth and learning here.

I worked with a couple of clients who are still our clients and partners after all those years. That is incredibly special to me.

I pioneered the windows phone application development in Extentia and built the team.

After that, I learned Python from scratch for a new project, which was a challenging but learning experience. Our team for this project was in various parts of the world, and the work process was agile. It taught me how to work within different time zones and understand multiple cultures. It was a broad experience.

I did get an opportunity to travel to the USA for a month and work with different teams there, it was a fun experience.

Extentia for me...

It is my extended family. That believes in forging a relationship with all its members based on freedom, recognition, exposure, and encouragement.

To the young professionals...

Focus on the process, keep learning and be consistent. Extentia is a place that offers the best work-life balance. You keep striving to do your best, and the rest will fall into place.

My lifelines!

My family and friends without a doubt! At Extentia, my lifelines are my team, colleagues, my lunch crew, all seniors, and mentors, without them I would have not achieved the learning and success.

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