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Break Talk series at Extentia on 'Financial health and well-being.'

Pune, India, June 01, 2022

Gone are the days when people believed in savings for future security. Idle money kept stocked up in your locker or saving in a bank account may not really serve its purpose. If you want your money to grow, then it's time you consider investing. As part of the Break Talk series, we had an informative session on " Financial health and well-being" hosted by Balvir Chawla on May 12, 2022. He shared how many investors have advocated for SIP, i.e. Systematic Planned Investment, as it allows you to invest in a disciplined and strategic manner.


The reason SIP has been deemed one of the tried and tested methods of investment amidst market volatility and interest rate hikes is because investors can benefit from the power of compounding. It allows you to invest a fixed amount, which can be as small as Rs.500 on a regular interval in a mutual fund. Balvir reiterated during the session, that money should be seen as a finite resource and should be used wisely rather than splurged mindlessly. A video named, 'One Idiot' was also featured, that vividly captures the diaspora of people that have diligently started investing and those who are unwilling to explore the possibilities of doing so. The session put across a very strong message of steering clear of making wrong financial choices and considering SIP for gaining significant returns.


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