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Extentia Breakfast Talk: Magic in the 21st Century

Pune, India, June 21, 2019

Extentia invited Jitendra Raghuvir on June 20, for a breakfast talk session about magic and where it stands in the 21st century. A magician by profession, Jitendra has performed all over the world and is known for his unique style of incorporating the use of technology in magic.

He spoke about how people and even companies are beginning to diverge from the conventional sense in which magic is thought about. The session threw some light on the newfound pervasiveness of magic in today’s world in areas ranging from quick ways to relieve stress and effectively connecting with children. He also familiarized the audience with the concept of magic as an industry and how there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Furthermore, with the help of some exciting demonstrations, he explained the intricacies of magic and what it takes to be a magician. Among other learnings was the difference between hypnosis, mentalism, and magic. The engaging session left Extentians with a better perspective on magic’s place in today’s world.

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