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Extentia Breakfast Talk: The Story of Music

Pune, India, December 10, 2018

Recently, Gandhaar Sangoram, singer, music composer, and director of Be Birbal Digital Media visited Extentia for a breakfast talk on November 29, 2018. He has worked as a composer for over thirteen years and discussed the role of music as a language as well as its purity as an art form. According to Gandhaar, every piece of music tells a story and inspires people to make their own.

The talk was based on an intriguing concept of music conveying a story without words which was demonstrated by using Beethoven's symphony – Für Elise. Gandhaar’s achievements include feature films like Postcard, Avatarachi Goshta, and Baapajanma along with albums, commercials, experimental plays, over a dozen short films, and a handful of jingles.

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