Extentia Breakfast Talk: Wonders of Nature

Pune, India, September 02, 2019

Extentia invited Nandan Kalbag, a renowned horticulturist and nature enthusiast for a breakfast talk session on August 27. Without formal qualification in horticulture, but all due to his intense love for plants and a keen sense of observation – Nandan works as a horticultural consultant to several nurseries, farms, and gardens. Additionally, he offers courses in gardening and landscaping.


Through multiple real-life references, he explained the fact that what people observe is not nature, but their perception of nature. He even introduced the audience to a couple of special plants, flowers, and insects. The engaging session concluded with Extentians having a closer look to nature through Nandan’s exhibition that included some interesting items collected from nature and a couple of toys made of waste material.

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