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Extentia Hosts the First Design Friday of 2020

Pune, India, January 27, 2020


On January 24, Extentia kicked off the first Design Friday of the year, with Manoj Kothari who spoke about ‘Design for India 2030'. Currently, Manoj leads Turian Labs, a design-led business innovation strategy consulting company based in India which he cofounded in 2015. An overview of the key megatrends and their importance in planning the future, the talk elaborated on the topics – ‘Universal Consumers’, ‘Identity’, and ‘Bold and Badass’ which were brought to life with real-life use cases.


The audience was made up of students from Symbiosis Institute of Design and MIT Institute of Design, as well as members of various departments at Extentia. Towards the end, the audience put into practice what had been covered during the session by coming up with innovative ideas for India 2030. The hour-long session concluded with the audience interacting with Manoj, getting their questions answered.

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