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ETalk at Extentia on Connected Cars and Telematics by Siddharth Patankar

Pune, India, September 3, 2020
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In a special online session on Aug 31, Extentia had Siddharth Patankar, Editor in Chief – CarAndBike, and Chief Editor – Auto & Head of Automobile Programming at NDTV, conduct a highly engaging session on connected cars and telematics. An eminent automobile journalist, Siddharth has been a prime time news anchor and a senior financial correspondent for leading media houses.  


In the hour-long session, he familiarized the audience with how the internet and technology are transforming the automobile industry. Talking about the ever-evolving technological advancements, Siddharth also shed light on where the automobile industry is headed in the years to come. Concluding with a round of interactive Q & A, the session left all the in-house car enthusiasts at Extentia – intrigued and excited in equal measures. 

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