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Extentia at Avantika University’s ‘Designeering’ Series Event

Pune, India, June 10, 2019


Manali Mitra, Director, Design and Experience at Extentia was invited to be a speaker as well as a panelist at the Avantika ‘Designeering Series’ event, on June 7 in Pune. Organized by Avantika University, the event was aimed at bringing together thought leaders within the design and technology communities – to share knowledge and collaborate.

Manali spoke about her journey and the skills that aided her achievements, as well as those that she acquired over the years. She also spoke about the challenges she faced and – more importantly –  how she overcame them in the course of her long career. Additionally, she shared a successful customer transaction from her personal experience,  and provided recommendations for design and technology aspirants.

As a panelist, Manali was part of a discussion about the interplay between design and technology as well as current/future trends in the industry. At the end, there was a ‘Rapid Fire’ round of questions. When asked if she ever took risks, Manali’s response was: ‘All the time – only then will we find out that sky's the limit. Without taking risks one cannot innovate.’

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