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The Annual Extentia Forum – 2018-19

A review of the year past and plans for the future

Pune, India, March 07, 2019

Extentia’s annual company meet, the Forum was held on Monday, March 4, at the Nehru Memorial Hall, Pune. The event was all about a revealing look back at the year past – 2018, and the company’s vision for the current year. Videos over the past year were played over the evening for the audience of 500+ employees. There were milestone speakers – Extentians with several years of experience in the company. They talked about their journey at Extentia, projects they handled, and other experiences over the years.


In addition to this, there were a couple of panel discussions. In the first one, several young Extentians talked about their projects and teams during 2018. It was about challenges faced and how the teams managed to overcome them. The second panel was made up of heads of different departments of the company – they discussed the achievements and the milestones reached in the past year and their personal and professional goals for 2019. All of the company’s four offices – in Pune and Bengaluru were represented at the Extentia Forum 2019.

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