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Extentia's Graduation Ceremony: Spotlighting 26 outstanding graduates for Mavericks, Stepping Stones and HR programs.  

Pune, India, September 13, 2022

Press Note - Graduation Ceremony.png

On Wednesday, September 13, 2023, Extentia, a Merkle Company marked a momentous occasion by celebrating the achievements of 26 exceptional graduates. These graduates completed Extentia's Mavericks, Stepping Stones, and Human Resources training programs, demonstrating their dedication, talent, and determination. 


The atmosphere was electric as Extentians, in-person at the XEN LAB and virtually on Teams, gathered to participate in this celebration. The air was filled with excitement, cheers, applause, and heartfelt congratulations for the graduates on the recognition for their hard work and commitment. 


During the event, each graduate had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share their personal stories and experiences, inspiring everyone present with their journeys of growth and learning. The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of certificates by their mentors, symbolizing the culmination of their rigorous training and the beginning of exciting new chapters in their careers. 


The graduation ceremony is a testament to the power of determination, perseverance, and teamwork. Extentia congratulates them and wishes them every success in their future endeavors. 

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