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OrgDev – Now & Beyond | Journey to 2025 – an Online Event for Extentia’s Core Operations Teams

Discussions about the company’s current and upcoming organizational developments

Pune, India, July 15, 2021

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Extentia hosted a first-of-its-kind internal event dedicated to its core operations teams on July 15, 2021. Rooted in the belief that organizational development needs organizational changes, the event brought together Extentia’s HR, finance, admin, and systems admin teams to deliberate and define the organizational change and developments on the company’s roadmap. Encompassing panel discussions, keynotes, and individual speeches, the event focused on the

3 Ws – ‘Where we are?’, discussing the various changes the company took in the recent uncertain time; ‘Where we want to go?’, targeting the changes and talking about the transformations; and ‘What steps to take to get there?’, creating an action plan for 2025.


While the panels driven by in-house moderators included a cross-section of Extentians with varying roles, there was a special rapid-fire segment that had the new comers from all the teams answer fun questions related to Extentia and their teams. The evening also had icebreakers and other breakout activities that added the fun quotient and delivered on Extentia’s distinct culture. Inspiring induvial speakers shared their experiences at Extentia, lessons learnt, challenges faced, and opportunities leveraged. Key takeaways from the evening included the increased need for automation and scale, without compromising on Extentia’s unique personal touch, familiarity, and inimitable DNA.


‘Having all the core operations teams together was exciting and insightful given the out-of-the-box ideas that surfaced during the three panel discussions’ said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. ‘We look forward to taking these ideas to the execution stage and hope that automation and more digitization in these functions can unravel opportunities of an enhanced human touch to our processes in the future – making the easy even easier, allowing us to channel our efforts more productively!’


More Information

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About Extentia® Information Technology

A global technology and services firm that helps clients transform and realize their digital strategies. With a unique Experience Centric Transformation approach, Extentia’s ground-breaking solutions are in the space of mobile, cloud, and design. The team is differentiated by an emphasis on excellent design skills that they bring to every project. Focused on enterprise mobility, cloud computing, and user experiences, Extentia strives to accomplish and surpass their customers’ business goals. The company’s inclusive work environment and culture inspire team members to be innovative and creative. This provides clients an exceptional partnership experience.

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