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Extentia Breakfast Talk: The Art of Breaking Free

Pune, India, April 05, 2019

Anuradha and Manas Dewan spoke at an Extentia breakfast talk on April 4. Manas is a well-known figure in the corporate world and is the CEO of AJP Group, while Anuradha is a philosophy professor and a life coach who has mentored industry leaders through their life dilemmas. The couple acquainted the audience with how they put a pause to their prolific careers to live their wanderlust dreams. 


They traveled Europe and Asia on their Ducati Scrambler motorcycle, covering 18 countries over a period of 4 months. Manas and Anuradha narrated several instances from their experiences of traveling and meeting people from different countries while drawing similarities and distinctions in all the diverse cultures that they came across. The talk focused on taking the leap of faith and getting out of the comfort zone to follow a dream. The session concluded with Manas talking about ‘Dear Journey’, a recently published book authored by him, that captures his travel encounters. 


Extentia’s breakfast talk series has run since 2007.

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