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Our SAP Business Technology Platform Services

Extentia is proud to be an SAP Partner since 2010, committed to delivering transformational digital solutions to our customers. 


In 2018, our association in the SAP PartnerEdge Build program provided us access to services and resources from SAP that accelerated Time to Market (TTM) and resulted in the successful and efficient integration of SAP solutions for our customers. Through this, we empower our customers with a wide range of benefits – access to SAP analytics, mobile, cloud, flexible licensing, co-development with SAP’s product management team, and future roadmap insights – as well as the ability to sell our solutions through SAP's digital channels, including the SAP Store and SAP App Center.

What We Offer

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By leveraging SAP Build capabilities, we develop native or hybrid mobile apps. Our comprehensive mobility solutions include native SDK for iOS and Android, and Mobile Development Kit (MDK).

(Native apps (Android & iOS), SAP SDK, SAP Mobile Development Kit, Low-Code No-Code, Custom mobile applications for ECC & S/4HANA use cases)

SAP BTP can be leveraged to develop enterprise-level applications that drive digital transformation, improve efficiency, and deliver value across different business functions. 


(SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone) 

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Enterprise Level Application


Integrations and Extensions 

We specialize in integrating applications and systems with SAP. Our extensions enhance SAP functionalities, providing tailored solutions that meet your unique business requirements. Through SAP Integration Suite and our experience in side-by-side extensions with SAP core products, we provide comprehensive and seamless solutions for our customers. 


(Integration with SAP & Non-SAP Systems, Integrate on-prem and cloud applications, On-prem Extension, In-App Extension, Side-by-side Extension with SAP Core Products)

Simplify and streamline your business processes with SAP Business Process Automation. Our solution automates repetitive and manual tasks, reducing errors and improving efficiency. By leveraging intelligent technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning, we enable end-to-end process automation across your organization. 


(SAP Build Process Automation, Workflow Management & Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA))

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Business Process Automation

Our expertise in experience design coupled with SAP solutions ensures intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that enhance user engagement. We create seamless user journeys, incorporating SAP functionalities to deliver a unified and engaging experience. 


Our team focuses on user-centered designs aligned with technology and provides end-to-end solutions. We have expertise in conducting Design Thinking workshops, UX design demos, and Digital Transformation workshops globally for our customers. 


(AppHaus, Design Thinking, Workshops: Discovery and Definition, Digital Transformation, Digital Strategy, Design Framework & Guidelines – SAP Fiori, Android, iOS, Cross platform)


Experience Design

Analytics and Reporting

With the help of SAP Analytics Cloud, we offer powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. 


(Data gathering & analysis, Data visualization, Business insights for decision-making) 

Extentia’s XEN LAB PNQ is a member of the SAP AppHaus Network. A first-of-its-kind experience design lab, XEN LAB is an inclusive space that brings together art and science, Yin and Yang, and left and right – to drive innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Xventor – Extentia’s Event Management Solution

Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, the mobile-ready solution with web responsive capabilities provides enterprises with a range of features and an integrated experience for internal and external events. Xventor is a part of the SAP-Apple Fast Start Initiative and is available on the SAP App Center.

Project Showcase

Our Portfolio

Partner based portal
Partner based portal
Partner based portal
Partner based portal
E-commerce solution
Partner based portal
Engagment portal

How a pharmacy business can leverage IoT for managing their stockroom temperature level.

Extentia's innovative approach to creating a scalable Lego Smart City!



Our team is based across three locations in India and we work extensively with customers across the globe – the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. We remain committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ business needs on the SAP platform while delivering confidence through our solutions. Let us know how we can help you!

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