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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is a huge challenge for any organization – we can help you find the best solution.

Extentia’s QA (Quality Assurance) team is a dedicated team of savvy test engineers that can perform functionality, performance and security testing of your product. Our QA team can assist you to create a comprehensive test strategy, with test plans for both manual/automated test cases.

We have tested and shipped a variety of applications including the following: digital and mobility applications, web-based and desktop-based apps, and enterprise application system level and productivity applications. 

Our team will help you find unforeseen bugs and other defects, helping your team focus on writing great software and reduce development time.

Service Offerings

  • Unit Testing

  • Ad Hoc/Exploratory Testing

  • System and Integration Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Alpha/Beta Testing

  • Interoperability/Compatibility Testing

  • Code Reviews, Walkthroughs, and Inspections

  • Functional Testing/Black Box Testing

  • Manual/Automated Testing

  • Load and Stress Testing

  • System Migration Testing

  • Database Testing

Connect with Extentia Today

Extentia will provide you the peace of mind that allows you to properly release your product and give you confidence that your software will deliver the experience your customers deserve.

To schedule a discussion, call +91-20-67285200 or write to us at

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