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Trailblazers of Extentia

Shraddha, The Tech Maven  


Extentia's Salesforce Practice is a team of encouraging and talented individuals. It has been a hands-on experience with interesting opportunities to collaborate with different stakeholders and challenges that have contributed to an enriched learning experience. I enjoy understanding requirements to build compelling solutions, sharing my knowledge by mentoring trainees, and participating in various exciting activities at Extentia.

Shreyas, The Adventurous Specialist 

Being a member of Extentia's Salesforce Practice empowers me to believe that everything can be achieved through technology, the sky is the limit. Salesforce as a platform is inclusive of people from all backgrounds; it has been an enlightening journey so far, with the freedom to explore different technologies that are relevant to evolving business requirements.

Lokesh, The Fearless Innovator 

Extentia is a place that appreciates and nurtures talent and emphasizes sharpening your key skills. I've had an incredible journey so far with the support of a diverse team, exploring new ways to solve business challenges.

Niti, The Perseverant Expert 

My journey at Extentia has been an exciting learning curve from the first day. I am motivated by the opportunities and challenges, which have helped me to hone my skills, expand my expertise, and unlock my true potential. As a trailblazer, I'm dedicated to exploring the immense scope of learning provided by the Salesforce ecosystem to deliver value to both clients and my team. 

Sunita, The Coding Genius 

It's been a unique opportunity to explore the Salesforce ecosystem with Extentia, one solution at a time. The Salesforce Practice is a diverse, helpful group of talented people who inspire each other to be innovative and overcome challenges to optimize efficiency in every task. There's always something new to learn from both professional and personal perspectives. Extentia's Salesforce Practice has motivated me to be detail-oriented and I personally enjoy participating in several exciting company activities such as XPL Cricket Tournaments!

Pradip, The Observant Specialist  

It's been a rewarding 4-year experience at Extentia so far. Keeping up with new technologies and updates in the Salesforce ecosystem is always a priority for me.  I look forward to learning much more through the interesting, new challenges that come my way! 

Prashant, The Avid Learner 

Extentia's Salesforce Practice is a community of talented individuals who support each other's growth and learning. Salesforce provides unlimited opportunities to explore different domains and technologies. It is an interesting and fulfilling experience to expand one's knowledge by overcoming challenges, one step at a time.

Hetal, The Tech Guru 

My experience as a member of Extentia's Salesforce Practice has been a journey dedicated to growth and learning. I am always eager to take on new challenges, interact with customers, and explore various domains. Extentia's Salesforce Practice encourages you to share ideas, guide others around you and set an example through innovative solutions. 

Neeraj, The All-rounder 

It feels like just yesterday that I joined Extentia's Salesforce Practice. In reality, it's been 8 years of a purpose-driven, life-changing experience. I've had the freedom to explore and solve different business problems using Salesforce technology.  

I've also had the opportunity to be actively involved in Step Up, an internal knowledge sharing program, and Stepping Stones, an initiative for anyone without prior knowledge of Salesforce to join the ecosystem.  Being a member of Extentia's Salesforce Practice is a journey of continuous improvement and new challenges help me to become a better version of myself.

Akanksha, The Solution Seeker 

It's been 4 years since I joined Extentia's Salesforce Practice! 

I excel at understanding client requirements, finding solutions, and writing and reviewing code. I believe that continuous learning is central to growth and I enjoy discussing new ideas with my colleagues, which helps us to expand on our collective knowledge.

Mukund, The Persistent Innovator


My 12-year journey at Extentia has been a positive experience! 


Being a member of Extentia's Salesforce Practice is a process of continuous learning where one can use technology give back something to community. There's always something new to explore! 

Build your career and future at Extentia. Join us.

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