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Women of Extentia

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Hetal, Tech Lead

“I've been with Extentia for over 11 years, and over that time I've worked with different teams and people, all of them have been really supportive and encouraging.”


We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Hetal – an integral member of the Extentia family with eleven years of association with the company.
For Hetal, Extentia is all about Support, Trust, and an Inclusive place.

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Ajitha, Account Manager

“I don't feel like I'm working on an island, I feel very supported at EXtentia through both the Pune and Bengaluru office and my peer and leaders. If I do not feel supported, it is because I have not reached out to them!”

We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Ajitha – an integral member of the Extentia family with eight years of association with the company.

For Ajitha, Extentia is a Collaborative, Flexible, and Inclusive place.

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Aarti, Administration

“Extentia has been very motivating, fun, and challenging for me in a wonderful way! It feels like my home after all these years.”

We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Aarti – an integral member of the Extentia family with more than six years of association with the company. With her positivity and hunger to learn more, she is utterly amazing!

For Aarti, Extentia is all about being a family, motivating, and challenging.

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Priti, Associate Manager – Finance

“Extentia is our life! I will always be grateful to Extentia for being so considerate about its employees, especially during the pandemic.”

We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Priti – an integral member of Extentia with more than 12 years of association with the company. Through hard work and dedication, she has emerged as one of our veterans.

For Priti, Extentia is an exciting, supportive family.

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Kanchan, Associate Manager – Finance

"It's all about the support, growth, and learning that I received during my journey at Extentia. Ten years and counting! Indeed, a family outside my family!" 
We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Kanchan – An integral member of the Extentia family with more than ten years of association with the company. With her constant zeal to learn more, she is truly soaring high.  
For Kanchan, Extentia is all about being a family, supportive, and learning. 

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Roopa, Project Manager

“Extentia is all about progressing – it sees vision, values, and other purpose-based immersion activities as a valuable use of time – something I have never experienced anywhere else!” 


We bring to you our next #WomenOfExtentia story featuring Roopa, an integral part of the Extentia family with more than 6 years of association with the company. With her hard work and sheer dedication and innumerable successful projects to her credit, Roopa is zealous for new challenges and experiences that her work offers!

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Neha, Sofware Professional

"At Extentia, our work has been valued, and Extentians show respect towards it, which I believe is important as it motivates us to achieve our goals.”


Our next #WomenOfExtentia is Neha, whose determination and can-do attitude has led her to believe she can take on anything!


It’s been almost four years, however, she still has fond memories of her early days, the projects she has worked on, and key learnings from each one of her experiences.

For Neha, Extentia is all about stability, flexibility, and equality.

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Neeti, Business Analyst

"The environment at Extentia is such that you start learning on your own – everyone is encouraging and accepting!”


We bring to you the story of Neeti who joined Extentia just two years back but is shining bright with her dedication and hard work.

Calm and sweet in nature, Neeti slowly made her way through the company and is excelling in all her endeavors.


She really enjoys working at Extentia and can't stop praising the work culture she was so impressed with!

For her Extentia is all about learning, freedom, and fun."

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Sneha, HR Professional

“Mental peace is essential when women are juggling work-life and personal life, and I get every bit of it at Extentia!”


We bring to you the story of Sneha from our HR team, one of the most tenacious and diligent #WomenOfExtentia! Sneha carries a smile and a ready-to-help attitude with her at all times. Going over everything from her transition to married life to her ability to juggle work and her personal life with support from her team and family – she shares her journey of over 5 years with Extentia!

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Bhavya, Tech Maven  

“Fairly new at Extentia and already feeling at home – my journey of 1.5 years here has been nothing but remarkable and I can’t wait to experience all that’s to come! Be it the flexibility to work from home, that is, even before the pandemic broke, or the support and family-like vibe that I get from my team – everything has helped me maintain the quintessential work-life balance that any woman would like and has played a significant role in my professional as well as personal growth. For me, the past year has been especially challenging yet exciting – the first time I collaborated with so many people, met goals without compromising on the quality – all this in a completely online setup! Getting ample opportunities to work on UI5 Fiori and UI5 has only enriched my experience and has evidently augmented my growth – something that brings me an immense sense of accomplishment.

At Extentia, I have literally felt the equality vibe with equal opportunities for men and women at all stages – one of the many things that I love about the company. If you are a young woman, looking to accelerate your career – Extentia is your place to be!"

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Vrushali, Project Management Guru

“The tremendous growth that I have experienced over the past decade and the constant support that I have received from Extentia through thick and thin have made Extentia my second home. The journey of finding the right balance between work and personal life, that is managing projects as well as my two loving kids – has been challenging, yet, extremely rewarding for me – something I cannot be more content about. Over the years, getting the opportunity to manage multiple projects for clients from diverse geographies has contributed to my growth in great measure. Though the past year has been extremely challenging, with support from my team at work and my family at home – I have been able to continue delivering my best, both professionally and personally. The confidence and trust that my seniors have shown in me at each step, the flexibility and support I get, and the extremely approachable management team are the factors that help me and be the best version of myself. The success mantra I would like to share with all the young women out there will be to believe in themselves, make priorities and then stick to them, and never underestimate the power of patience!”

Yamini, UI Wizard

“14 years is a long time and also the best when it’s spent with a company like Extentia, especially if you are a woman! Over these years, I feel I have grown with Extentia – given the variety of projects that I have been a part of, the challenges I have faced and overcome, both as an individual as well as part of the diverse Experience Studio team, and the abundant learning I have gained through this roller coaster of a ride. Extentia’s work culture, policies, and extremely approachable leadership team make hitting the perfect work-life balance, a cakewalk. The enthusiasm that the Extentia family exudes and the overall vibe of the company is what keeps me going and wanting to give my best at all times. And, it hasn’t been any different in the past year, despite the major transition from physical to an entirely online work environment. Though I miss bumping into each other at work, with almost all the company activities seamlessly continuing in the remote setup, I never felt disconnected at any point. Lastly, my advice to all the young women is simple – never compare yourself with others, BUT, observe and learn from all and be a better version of yourself!”

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Alka, Accounts Wizard 

“What started as a 3-year commitment has been going strong since 11 years and counting – that’s my journey at Extentia! We, working women, are mostly laden with heaps of personal responsibilities even before we fully embark on our professional journeys, and an organization that’s conducive to striking the right work-life balance plays a huge role in shaping our careers. Extentia has been phenomenal at this front – with flexible timings and our safety being ensured at all times. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, I was skeptical about the ability of the entire finance operation to function in a complete remote setup. However, much to my surprise, it has been a smooth transition and an incredible learning experience. In extraordinary circumstances, whenever we have to work extra hours to meet deadlines, the effort is appreciated by the seniors, many times on a personal level – not sure about you, but appreciation does matter to me and clearly to Extentia as well!

All you young women, I say, have faith in yourself and go with the flow, confidently. Be persistent with hard yet smart work – in a supportive culture like Extentia’s, your efforts will pay off.”

Rachel, Senior Project Guru

“I started working at Extentia 5 years ago, after a short break in my career and it has been an enriching journey so far. The variety of multifaceted projects that I got to be a part of have added to my skill set in more ways than one. What I love the most about Extentia is the number of women in all the roles that you can think of, including the top leadership – this in itself talks about the culture of the company being exceptionally supportive for women. What works the best for me is the flexibility of timings and the ease with which I can create a balance between my personal and professional lives. Like the rest of us, the past year has changed my perspective about work and life. I, along with my extremely supportive team, achieved milestones that in a pre-COVID setup, couldn’t have existed even in theory – we managed one of the most smooth project go-lives without meeting each other physically even once, quite a feat I say!   

One simple piece of advice for all the young and ambitious women out there – never give up! You will most definitely find your paths disrupted by hurdles – but what defines you is your resolve.”

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