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XEN UNWIRED – A Never Before Online Workshop Experience

Remote collaboration for solving business challenges with a human-centered approach



XEN UNWIRED brings online workshops for organizations and users to collaborate with design experts and facilitators to innovate, solve problems, and invent solutions. Employing Extentia’s proven 5D approach of Discover, Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy, we bring our unique workshop experience to you, wherever you are! The XEN UNWIRED experience builds on our groundbreaking XEN LAB and XEN IN A BOX workshop practices with a proven track record.

About Us

Our Approach

Extentia solves business challenges with a human-centered approach – through seamlessly conducted creative and revealing workshops and demos. Our experienced and certified design thinking coaches lead these online workshops with a clear plan, using empathy, relevant content, and passion. The XEN UNWIRED program uses a range of tools, processes, exercises, and activities – designed to get participants enthused, comfortable, and delivering at their best. Typically starting with welcoming icebreakers, our wide-ranging workshops encompass brainstorming sessions, empathy mapping exercises, design thinking awareness, and customer journey mapping. And members may get to hear music from Bob Dylan or Miles Davis to get their creative juices flowing. Each session ends with clearly defined next steps and timelines ensuring meaningful insights leading to tangible business outcomes. Subsequent deliverables may include mind maps, mockups, wireframes, analysis, feedback, etc. and help showcase the result of the workshop and the related support, development, and design work undertaken by the XEN team.

Our Approach

Extentia brings proven workshop experience and capabilities that helps realize clear business benefits to remote and online users and organizations. Using carefully selected tools and activities, these sessions are backed by finely tuned processes that ensure that every participant is excited, productive, and at ease with the team. Together, we solve business problems with innovation and creativity, while having fun.


Why Xen Unwired?

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