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Extentia Hosts XTND 2018 – a Platform for Sharing Technology and User Experience Insights

An industry networking event with keynotes and panel discussions featuring experts

Pune, India, April 19, 2018

Last Friday, April 13, Extentia debuted XTND 2018 at the Hyatt, Pune. It brought together experts, practitioners, and visionaries to talk about technologies and the role of user experience management in enterprise and consumer-facing solutions for 2018-2019. Insights, experiences, and predictions for the year ahead were shared. Leaders from the technology domain interacted with UX experts resulting in some thought-provoking conversations, which continued after the panel discussions ended. 


There were two tracks at XTND – engineering and UX. Each began with a keynote speech followed by a panel discussion that featured engaging conversation. The engineering panel comprised of seasoned professionals in the field of technology. They discussed the significance of choosing the right technology for a business. Citing a few recent developments in the field of technology, everyone agreed that data breaches should be a concern for organizations, and reasonable efforts need to be taken for safeguarding users’ information. The trending topic worldwide, GDPR, came up in the discussion. The many questions from the audience were only restricted by time. Among the panelists, Rasit Pereira talked about the connected automobile and amazing possibilities for drivers, including remote medical diagnoses.

The user experience panel, on the other hand, focused on demystifying the meaning of UX. In this user-driven era, panelists discussed what UX involves, what the trade-offs might be, and how to deliver tangible value to users. The conversation became more intense as the panel spoke of how the marriage between UX and technology is empowering users – the ease of getting a cab, ordering medicines and other essentials online, and more. Ashwini Deshpande, from Elephant Design, underlined the challenge of immediacy – how technology can cope with the experiences that users want to have – for example, people now want to read and write in their native language more than ever. Tanay Kumar, from Fractal Ink, found XTND to be an event at the juncture of experience and technology – he said it elevated his understanding of the synergy between the two.

‘We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the insights that we gained from industry leaders at XTND 2018,’ said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. ‘Discussing technology and UX, connecting with others in the ecosystem definitely has been a value-add for us as well as for all the attendees. Extentia looks forward to hosting the next XTND event’.

To round off the event, there was a ‘Friday Reboot’ session featuring a quiz related to current technology trends. The panelists, speakers and other guests participated with much enthusiasm. XTND was broadcast live on social media through the day with the hashtag #XTND2018. This included live tweets, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts.

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