Naazneen's Boocha -- CDO, Extentia Infor

ETalk at Extentia on Connected Cars and Telematics by Siddharth Patankar

In a special online session on Aug 31, Extentia had Siddharth Patankar, Editor in Chief – CarAndBike, and Chief Editor – Auto & Head of Automobile Programming at NDTV, conduct a highly engaging session on connected cars and telematics.

Extentia Breakfast Talk: The Digital Self – Living with Identity Negotiations

Extentia recently conducted an online breakfast talk session with Dhammaratna Jawale, a media researcher and academician. A visiting faculty for various media, communications, and journalism institutes, he is currently working on his doctoral thesis.

Naazneen Boocha is now Extentia's Chief Delivery Officer

As Extentia continues to grow, explore new markets, and embrace new practices, we announce that Naazneen Boocha, is now our Chief Delivery Officer. With customer success being a key part of Extentia’s forward outlook, the company expects to see her new role catalyzing, funneling, and nurturing numerous new opportunities.

Extentia And fivestar* Partner To Bring Exceptional Salesforce Solutions To Customers

Extentia and fivestar* announced a unique partnership earlier this month where each company brings decades of experience respectively to bring compelling Salesforce solutions to the US market – across clouds and domains.

LinkedCar Launches a Salesforce AppExchange Solution

LinkedCar and Extentia recently worked together to develop and list the Salesforce AppExchange version of LinkedCar's pathbreaking application, which gives users a 360 view of their automotive data. The Customer First Mobility platform aims to shift the automotive industry to a loyalty driven mindset with a focus on interactivity and customer experience.

The Extentia Newsletter, Monsoon 2020

Highlights from Extentia over the past few months. News, announcements, events – internal and external, and more!

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