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Extentia Breakfast Talk by Extentia Partner Mark Luckey: ‘My Passion for Karate’

Pune, India, August 08, 2018
Mark Luckey.jpeg

Extentia’s longtime partner from Australia – Mark Luckey – addressed a full-house audience on Tuesday, August 7. He talked about why and how he took up the martial art of Karate, and his experience over the years. The session was about the importance of self-defense, and – separately –  how Karate relates to life and work.

Mark had several videos as part of his presentation, and he even demoed some moves with Extentian volunteers. As an accomplished karateka, he has won several medals and titles in competition over the past two decades. As a ‘Sensei, he’s also a Karate instructor.

As always, it was an interactive  talk, with many questions at the end for Mark.

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