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A Storytelling Session at St. Mira’s College

Pune, India, August 14, 2018


On July 26, Chetan Shetty, COO of Extentia narrated the story – 'Ram Khilawan' by Saadat Hasan Manto at St. Mira’s College for Girls. The story is a post-partition narrative when India was faced with communal riots. It is about Manto’s life journey in which his ‘dhobi’ plays the central role by inadvertently saving Manto’s life.


The storytelling session was followed by a discussion where students spoke of personal partition memories from their family history. Another theme that emerged from the tale was the exploitation of the rich by the poor. Chetan went on to discuss internship opportunities at Extentia, and the importance of women being self-reliant and financially independent. The seminar ended with a conversation about corporate culture and work ethics.

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