Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is becoming increasing popular!
Ever wondered what it is?

Cloud computing is when a large number of computers are connected through a real-time communication network. This refers to a network of remote servers hosted in a data center, which can be accessed via the internet from any browser. Therefore, it is easier to store, manage, and process data as compared to a local server or a personal computer.

Players in the space:


Amazon Web Services


BMC Software


Microsoft Azure



Oracle Cloud

A Better Life After Cloud Computing?

Life before cloud computing was expensive, tedious and complicated. A large variety of hardware and software was required. A team of experts was needed to look after installation, configuration, testing running and updating this. With cloud computing:

  • No need to manage hardware and software: This is handled by a specialist vendor, such as
  • Shared Infrastructure: The cloud now works as a utility – automatic upgrades, easy configuration and maintenance
  • Cloud based apps: With a cloud app, you simply open a browser, log in, customize the app, and begin using it. Businesses are running all kinds of apps in the cloud – such as customer relationship management (CRM), HR, accounting and many more
  • Quick Uptime: With the infrastructure already taken care of, applications can be up and running within weeks
  • Web Service Integration: Cloud computing technology can be integrated with existing applications
  • Horizontal Scaling: The cloud gives us the ability to add resources on-demand, especially during high-traffic events
  • Quick Provisioning: Instant provisioning in the cloud replaces the lengthy purchase order process
  • Abundance of File Storage: Storing large files on a content delivery network (CDN) frees up server space, enables faster data delivery and can prevent our site from crashing

Key Benefits:

  • Easily accessible from anywhere on the Internet regardless of device or location
  • Cost reduction with scalability and fewer IT resources needed
  • Flexibility as infrastructure resources can be re-allocated quickly, scale capacity as needed
  • Multi-tenancy – shared resources across customers which means better load capacity, efficiency of use and lower costs
  • Efficient maintenance at a central location – access to applications is possible from various locations
  • Improved security as the provider has more focused and centralized resources, even as there are concerns about loss of control over sensitive data

Facts and Numbers

Consider adoption numbers and benefits realized by businesses using cloud computing services!

Services offered by us

Strategy, Consulting and Assessment

  • Cloud Strategy Consulting and Development
  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Risk and Compliance Assessment
  • Process Assessment


  • Design Integration
  • System Integration
  • Risk and Compliance functions integration
  • Multi Vendor Process Integration


  • Application Migration
  • ePaaS (Platform as a service)
  • Iaas (Infrastructure as a service)


  • Server Support
  • Storage and Database Support
  • Infrastructure and Apps Support
  • Backups

our team

Our Team

  • As a cloud services provider, we are constantly using and challenging cloud computing
  • Our highly skilled team is experienced in cloud consulting, development and implementation
  • Our dedicated quality analysis team makes sure the cloud services we provide, are of the highest quality


Questions or comments? Please contact us via the form below. You may also write to us at
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