CONNECT International Internships 

Our acclaimed internship opportunity offers international students the benefits of a global work experience as well as an intercultural immersion. If you are a graduate/near-graduate student and want to be a part of a growing Indian IT company, you most certainly should consider CONNECT. Here interns gain valuable exposure to the real world and expand their social and business networks.

Since 2004, we have hosted over 145+ bright interns from all over the world – who learn, contribute, and grow professionally during their stay with us.

CONNECT International Intern Job Profiles

We offer positions according to your skills, abilities, and interests. With our vibrant and dynamic work environment, you will gain both invaluable skills and hands-on project experience. We offer guidance through balanced exposure to theory and practice. CONNECT will equip you with the rare experience of working across distinct cultures, in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Look us up for a profile that suits you in the following departments:

Business Development

Pune, India

Human Resources

Pune, India

Marketing and Corporate

Pune, India

Software Development

Pune, India

Pune, India

Quality Assurance

Pune, India

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Overall experience

To ensure a well-rounded internship and time to travel with other fellow interns, the minimum internship period is three months. Valuable experience, practical application, and exciting challenges are just some of the benefits of the program.

We take care of you 

We see to your needs from the day you arrive, allowing you to settle into the new environment quickly. We have been active for over 12 years with our CONNECT program, so we know a thing or two about making your stay successful!

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