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Our UX and UI Design Services

Intuitive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designs with functionality, simplistic usability, and impact. 


In a world saturated with apps, websites, and other digital creations, clearly, the differentiating factor is how well your product works and feels. 


This is where our Experience Studio comes in. We are a curious mix of researchers, designers, developers, and artists who will help you with great user experience including simple and intuitive user interface to transform your business.

We offer services that are a holistic end-to-end experience, right from the development phase of designs, ensuring an intuitive user experience – that makes us one of the premier UX and UI design companies in the field.


With the focus on user-centered design and particularly its increasing alignment with technology, we are arguably at a radical period of change. The Internet of Things (IoT) is making us rethink customer satisfaction and delight. So, it is all about the experience – we follow a UX design process that challenges ourselves to keep designs interactive and user-centric, which keeps us ahead of the curve.

Our UX Design Process

We follow a simple 5D process in our experience design to achieve innovative yet workable designs to bring your ideas and concepts to life.

Discover Pain Points

Understand the business requirement, conduct market research, competitor analysis, and user interviews to gain insights on problem areas and pain points.

Define Workflow Design

Workflow design, information architecture, storyboarding, and creating wireframes to make sure that information is captured accurately.

Visual Design Conceptualization

Visual design conceptualization, prototypes, and responsive designs for different platforms to ensure the best concepts go forward for production.

Design Development

HTML, CSS development and thorough design reviews so that designs are implemented with pixel perfection, and then go for development.


Support and user acceptance testing to confirm the designs are user-friendly and ready for use.

Experience Studio deployments globally include:

UI UX for retail
UI UX for Banking and finance
UI UX for pharmaceuticals
UI UX for Insurance sector
UI UX for Agriculuture
UI UX for travel
UI UX for hospitality

Experience Studio offerings

UX design for Mobile and Web Applications

VR, AR, and IoT apps 

Business communication designs

Immersive Video 2 (1)-min.png

Immersive videos

Infographics and illustrations

Branding and identity design

Extentia’s XEN LAB PNQ is a member of the SAP AppHaus Network. A first-of-its-kind experience design lab, XEN LAB is an inclusive space that brings together art and science, Yin and Yang, and left and right – to drive innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Our team of UX and UI designers and researchers use the latest UI design tools to design, execute, as well as improve the user experience of products. Through our unique and all-inclusive experience design approach, and by integrating creativity with technology – we have helped several customers improve visibility, attract relevant traffic, and increase conversions. Interaction design is another area where we leverage our team’s expertise in delivering solutions that ensure the growth of a business.

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Career Opportunities

Extentia is the place for all UX and UI designers, UI  developers, UX researchers, and user experience design enthusiasts who are adept at bringing ideas to life. If you have unbridled innovation, creativity, and inquisitiveness in you – we’re the UX and UI design company for you.

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