Opportunities are brewing at Extentia

ReactNative Development

Pune, India

Confident enough with your React Native development skills? Apply today!

UI Design

Pune, India

Our Experience Studio calls! Let’s see if you fit.

Business Analyst

Pune, India

Be the bridge between business problems and the technology solutions!

JavaScript Lead

Pune, India

Do you enjoy providing guidance, instruction, direction, and leadership to a group of individuals? Talk to us!

Database Development

Pune, India

Enthusiastic about developing databases? Join us!

Angular Development

Pune, India

​Fancy JavaScript based open-source development for useful and innovative apps?

SAP UI5 Development

Bangalore, India

Help us build enterprise-level web apps, with cool and intuitive user interfaces

 Technical Project Manager

Pune, India

If you can handle varied programming teams and clients for global projects, we should talk!

UX Design

Pune, India

Let’s see if you think customer experience matters! Come on, apply.

 Project Manager Design

Pune, India

If you handle people and processes well!

Talk to us!

Java Architect

Pune, India

Do you enjoy working on architecture and design of applications? Talk to us!

Java Development

Pune, India

If you’re into writing code for engaging, cool web sites, and interactive software

Salesforce Development

Pune, India

Got expertise in Salesforce development? Come, join us!

Salesforce Administration

Pune, India

This is among our key service offerings to manage!

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Extentia is a place where you will collaborate with talented multi-skilled teams, enjoy project ownership, have access to professional training programs, work in a multicultural environment, participate in fun and interesting events – all as your career grows steadily! 
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Oh, and of course there’s more!

We’re always looking for ambitious and smart people at Extentia. Now that you’re here, look up our web site all through. If you find something that you can contribute to – employee engagement, business development, marketing, systems administration, recruitment, or anything else – go ahead and write to careers@extentia.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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