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Life at Extentia

As a member of our team, you’ll be fondly known as an ‘Extentian’. When you become a part of us, you will be joining a choice group of fast-paced individuals. There are many reasons to start and extend your career with us – here are a few.

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A Unique Workshop Experience – XEN LAB PNQ

Our first-of-its-kind experience design lab, XEN LAB is an inclusive space that brings together art and science, Yin and Yang, and left and right – to drive innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. The space is used for conducting client workshops that typically encompass a range of activities including discussions, brainstorming, ideating, and strategizing – around Digital Transformation (DX), business processes, and Customer Experience (CX).

XPL – The Extentia Premier League

When you join, you will be assigned to one of six houses (yes, houses!). These houses comprise the XPL – a year-long inter-house competition. This includes sports tournaments, cultural (singing, music, painting, art & craft) events, quizzes, and culminates with performances at our annual party every year in March.



Techquarium® is our way of showcasing innovations in technology to the outside world. These are regularly scheduled sessions where new tech devices are demonstrated and audiences experiment with them. Some of the gadgets demoed include Amazon Alexa, Oculus Rift, Google Home, and more. Our intent is to promote original and workable ideas that solve everyday problems.

X24 Hackathon

We hold an annual build marathon where apps are developed from concept to pitch within 24 hours. The houses compete by selecting one of the defined challenges to prove their abilities keeping in mind the objective, which is to come up with a solution for real-world problems. These competitions provide yet another opportunity to show your technical and management skills.

Sakaar – Corporate Social Responsibility

Started in 2001, Sakaar is our way of making a difference within our community. The name is derived from the Hindi word ‘Sakaar’, which means to realize, fulfill or achieve. We aim to create social awareness in our city, help the underprivileged, and provide support for charitable institutions.

CONNECT Internships

One of our unique initiatives – CONNECT, an international internship program where graduate and near graduate students gain international work experience. Since 2000, we have hosted 150 bright interns from all over the world who learn, contribute, and grow professionally during their stay. This exceptional program allows all Extentians interact with individuals from other cultures.

Build your career and future at Extentia. Join us.

We'll take care of your young children

Our crèche offers a fully staffed and equipped nursery for infants and young children. Maintaining a work-life balance is difficult for young working families, and we totally understand that!


Our commitment helps us deliver tangible results to our clients in the near-term and sustainable competitive advantage for years to come. Our three areas of focus – Mobile, Cloud, and Design will give you more opportunities to advance your goals. 

If you’re looking to jump-start your own thinking, you’ve come to the right place.

You will love our 'Friday Reboots'

We host informal sessions on personal experiences, movies, sport, politics, poetry, and story-telling during these reboots. Our guests and customers are invited to give ‘Breakfast Talks’ as well. All these events are well attended – we typically have a full house every time.


One of the most popular activity within Extentia – it helps get everyone’s grey cells working.


Based on the Toastmaster’s concept, it is Extentia’s initiative to help employees be better communicators.


A platform for employees to showcase their talents and perform artistically for their friends and colleagues.

Hard work doesn't go unnoticed - you will be recognized when you do well

We always ensure that individuals are recognized and rewarded for their efforts, contributions, and achievements – both at work and play.

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