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Campaigns at Extentia


Wizards of Extentia

Particularly proud and grateful for our people who have been with us for years, Wizards of Extentia is our way of thanking these long-term Extentians for their efforts and commitment!


Their experience over the years, anecdotes from projects and life, and everything else that constitutes their fulfilling journeys at Extentia – these stories revolve around all things awesome about these wizards.

Rising Stars of Extentia

To rise above the rest doesn’t essentially mean being better than others, but more about seeking betterment with others. At Extentia, we believe in sheer diligence, inquisitiveness, and fun and these individuals personify just that. We’re thrilled at how far each one has come and to where they’re heading!

‘Rising Stars of Extentia’ is our ongoing initiative to recognize, commend, and thank young Extentians for doing what they do best – learn and grow!

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women of extentia

Women of Extentia

Empowering women and gender equality are inextricably linked – the sooner individuals, leaders, and communities realize this, the better it is for families, organizations, nations, and the world at large. At Extentia, women lead from the front and our diverse leadership team is a testament to the fact that women have been a focus of our policies and culture since the beginning.

‘Women of Extentia’ is a series that captures remarkable anecdotes from the ladies of Extentia. This initiative is our way of thanking them and expressing the extreme pride that we, as a family, take in having them lead us in varied capacities.

Trailblazers of Extentia

Being a member of Extentia’s Salesforce Practice is more than just a job role, it is an enriching journey filled with challenges to be overcome by innovation, while trying to create compelling business solutions for customers across the globe.  

“Trailblazers of Extentia” is a series that recognizes the thought-leaders that makeup Extentia’s innovative Salesforce Practice, while highlighting their individual journeys and perspectives as Salesforce enthusiasts.

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Build your career and future at Extentia. Join us.

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