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Events at Extentia


Sharing insights, experiences, and predictions for the year ahead – XTND features keynotes and panel discussions from industry leaders. With its first edition in 2018, the event is planned to be held annually at Pune and Bengaluru. It provides an opportunity to network, connect, and hear from thought provocateurs and experienced insiders – what they think, what to be ready with, and how to plan for and embrace an exciting future.


An event organized by Extentians for Extentians, XPRESS brings everyone together to share insights, experiences, and predictions for the year ahead. Similar to XTND, it features keynotes and panel discussions from experienced Extentians and provides an opportunity to network and connect beyond the workplace.


Every year our six houses battle it out at this ‘build-to-pitch marathon’. 24-hours of coding and brainstorming for winning concepts that actually work. 


A 12-hour hackathon to develop and demonstrate working Salesforce apps that address real-world problems.


ApplePi is a platform for kids and young adults to play with the latest gadgets and gain hands-on experience in state-of-the-art technology. Devices usually showcased include Alexa, the 3D-Doodler, Google Hub, the Hackaball, the Oculus Rift, and NeuroSky among others. The event is a part of Techquarium, Extentia’s platform for new technology devices with the intent to promote innovation and workable ideas for these devices.

Breakfast Talk

A talk with an industry expert over breakfast on varied topics ranging from art, literature, health, in short anything other than work. 


Extentia’s way of showcasing innovations in technology to promote original and workable ideas that solve everyday problems.

Spotlight Sessions

To drive information sharing and experimentation, a platform for Extentians to present knowledge and skills gained by them over the years.

Dreamforce’s annual event where Extentia showcases new service offerings and capabilities as industry innovators, thought leaders, and marketers. 

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