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Sakaar is the name we ascribe to our corporate social responsibility effort to help make a difference within the community. The name is derived from the Hindi word ‘Sakaar’, which means ‘to realize, fulfill or achieve’.

Since the launch of Sakaar in 2001, whether it’s promoting various career development programs, running healthcare boot camps, or contributing to donation drives, we ensure that our corporate social responsibility programs add value to the community one step at a time.


Our objective is simple – promoting learning and development, empowering young adults, developing strong leaders, and championing for the advancement of the community through various initiatives and long-term partnerships. We take our company social responsibility seriously and work closely with established social organizations and support new initiatives each year.

Recent Sakaar Activity

Children's Day Special in Collaboration with Poveda Foundation

Children's Day Special in Collaboration with Poveda Foundation

On November 14, Extentia held an activity in association with Poveda Foundation, an NGO that works towards providing better means of education to children from low-income communities. Around 20 students from the foundation's computer class presented their dream business ideas that ranged from shopping malls, stationery stores, flying cars, and confectioneries. The presentations were followed by detailed feedback that Extentians shared with the aspiring young minds. They were acquainted with important presentation skills and things to be considered while planning a business. The session concluded with some refreshments as the children gave each Extentia member present in the audience, a little token of appreciation on behalf of Poveda.

Addressing the Issue of Emotional Management

Addressing the Issue of Emotional Management

In early November, Extentia conducted a session on emotional management for students of Friends of Children (FoC) at Sangli, Pune. The participants discussed several matters faced by them in their day-to-day lives and how they struggle to handle them. The session touched on anger management, stress management, and ways of driving healthy interpersonal relationships. The students were also given practical tips for understanding their emotions and managing them effectively.

Kapadaa Kapadee in Association with Eco Regain

Kapadaa Kapadee in Association with Eco Regain

Extentia held a clothes recycling drive, Kapadaa Kapadee at all three Pune offices. The was organized in partnership with Eco Regain, an organization that accepts old clothes and recycles them fashionably and sustainably. Aimed at spreading awareness about sustainable fashion, the drive was well-received as many Extentians donated their old clothes and redeemed them for coupons that they can use to purchase recycled stuff from Eco Regain.

Sakaar in Pictures


We would like to thank all our contributors – past and present – who have supported us in our work.

Our CSR policy elucidates the idea behind our Sakaar program, which is strategized on the strong premise of responsibility towards social issues.

Do you want to learn more about Sakaar? Do you want to help or do you have an idea on how to make Pune a better place? If you are a social work organization and need a partner don’t hesitate to contact us.

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