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About Us

Extentia, a Merkle Company, empowers businesses to achieve digital transformation success. Our Experience Centric Transformation approach leverages innovative mobile, cloud, and cutting-edge design to craft impactful user experiences.

Specializing in outsourced product development, we blend UX design with expertise in software development tools and processes to deliver customized solutions that drive measurable results globally.


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Centers of Excellence

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Seamlessly manage customer interactions and relationships with a robust CRM platform. Read More


Optimize your enterprise resource planning and streamline business processes with powerful solutions.
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Deliver captivating and personalized digital experiences for your audience.

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Craft intuitive user experiences and user interfaces that are both functional and user-friendly.
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Our services

Our Services


We empower our customers with the technology expertise needed to build creative business solutions, streamline processes, and drive growth in the digital age with data-driven insights.


We provide expert guidance for delivering internet-based projects on time and within budget, creating a clear roadmap for business transformation.


We understand that innovation is the catalyst for growth and success and ensure you gain a competitive edge with compelling solutions that resonate with your audience.

What We Do

What We Do



Drive customer engagement with our user-friendly mobile solutions. Whether it's a custom app or enterprise mobility solution, we build tailored solutions that boost productivity, streamline workflows, and increase accessibility.


When it comes to the cloud, a skilled and experienced partner is essential, whether you're transforming legacy systems or starting from scratch. Leverage our expertise to create scalable, secure solutions by making the cloud an integral part of your IT strategy.



Co-create the future of user experience with Extentia's Experience Studio. We bring together your vision, our design expertise, and an experience-centric approach to create solutions that leave a lasting impression.


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