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Extentia Rolls Out Upgrade to Recently Launched Skill for LEGO® Fans on Amazon Echo – ‘MyBrickBot’

LEGO® fans can now access their accounts and get updates on sets, themes, and sub-themes using Alexa

Pune, India, December 16, 2016

Extentia has added the MyBrickBot skill to the Alexa Skills store. MyBrickBot, an upgrade to the recently launched skill – BrickBot for Amazon Alexa, is loaded with added features that let users access their account using Alexa. MyBrickBot is a one-stop shop for kids and the AFOL community.


The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) that powers Amazon Echo, allows users to interact with the device using voice commands. The range of workable skills includes answering questions, playing music, controlling smart home devices, managing to-do lists, and more.


The upgraded skill offers a variety of new features along with all the features that BrickBot provides. Now users can use Alexa not only for getting information about available sets, themes, and sub-themes but also for adding and removing sets from their own collections and wish lists.


MyBrickBot redirects users to website for sign in, where they have to enter their login details. Once logged in, it connects Alexa to users’ Brickset account, enabling them to access their Brickset account using voice commands. Users who are not registered with can also use the skill anonymously, by skipping the login step.


In summary, this skill lets users operate their accounts, hands-free and stay up to date on all things related to LEGO®, using Alexa.


Key Features


All Sets in Own Collection and Wish List
MyBrickbot powers Alexa to respond to users’ queries about sets present in their own collection and wish lists. If the number of sets stored in these lists is more than 10, Alexa asks users if they want to listen to all of them, to which they can reply in a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.


Add Sets in Own Collection and Wish List
MyBrickBot allows users to add sets in their own collection, simply by asking Alexa to do so. Furthermore, it lets users add sets in their wish lists by commanding Alexa.


Remove Sets from Own Collection and Wish List
The skill not only enables users to add sets in own collections and wish lists but also makes it possible to remove set entries from these lists via Alexa. Users can manage their own collections and wish lists without having to log into the website every time.


Ask for Instruction Manuals
Users can use MyBrickBot to ask Alexa for instruction manuals for sets by specifying the set number. The required instruction manuals are sent to the users’ email address that they provide at the time of enabling the skill and account linking.


Other Features
In addition, MyBrickBot supports all the features provided by the previous version. Users who are not registered with can access the generic information about LEGO® sets, themes, and sub-themes without logging in. MyBrickBot features also include:


Sets Available in a Given Year and Specifications of Any Particular Set
Users can ask Alexa about LEGO® sets available from any given year, including the previous, current, and coming years. MyBrickBot lets Alexa to also provide details about a particular set including the set name, year of its release, as well as the number of pieces in the theme that the set is a part of.


Available Themes and Sets Available in Different Themes
MyBrickBot allows Alexa to respond to users’ queries about the names of all the available themes and sets available in different themes as listed on


Sub-Themes Available for a Theme
MyBrickBot turns Alexa into a ready source of information for regular LEGO® users who look for sub-themes for their existing themes.


Error Messages
MyBrickBot informs users if the desired information is not available on It also sends error messages to unregistered users if they command Alexa to provide account related information or to manage own collections and wish lists.


Sample Commands
“Alexa, ask MyBrickBot to add set [number] to my wish list”
“Alexa, ask MyBrickBot to remove set [number] from my own list”
“Alexa, ask MyBrickBot to get all sets in my own list”
“Alexa, ask MyBrickBot for the sub-themes in [theme name]”
“Alexa, ask MyBrickBot to give me information on set [set number]”


Other Skills
Extentia has effectively incorporated AVS with different gadgets and will soon finish integration with the Raspberry Pi 2. Developers at Extentia are constantly working on building more intuitive voice driven and hands-free interfaces. They have successfully integrated Alexa with Salesforce, enabling the service to respond to commands associated with the platform. Randomizer, the first Alexa skill built by Extentia, gets Alexa to respond to users’ commands by picking up any random number, a number between two numbers, and more.Funny Quoter, another skill by Extentia, enables Alexa to lighten users’ mood by reading out witty quotes and phrases when requested.


‘We expect a positive response from LEGO® enthusiasts across the globe, with our new skill for Amazon Alexa – ‘MyBrickBot’,’ said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. ‘Building concepts using voice user and hands-free interfaces like Alexa has always been a thoroughly inventive experience for us. We will continue working innovatively in this direction to make the most out of present and upcoming technologies and devices.’


Immediate on the Alexa Skills directory. To set up and install this skill, search for it by name at after signing in with an Amazon account. After clicking on the ‘Enable Skill’ button, users have to log in with their credentials. Users who are not registered with can enable the skill anonymously.


Visit for more information about the skill.


View Videos
Sets Available in Any Theme | Sub-Theme Available in a Particular Theme


More Information

To know more about Extentia’s offerings, write to inquiries (at) or call +91 20 6728 5200 (India)/+1-408-627-4094 (United States).


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