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Extentia Breakfast Talk By Author Abhay Vaidya: ‘Who killed Osho?’

Pune, India, April 1, 2017

Abhay Vaidya, an independent journalist based in Pune led the most recent Breakfast Talk session on March 31. He avidly shared the highlights of his book, ‘Who killed Osho?’ based on the principle that a lie must not be perpetuated as truth. This book is the result of nearly three decades of reportage and investigative journalism on the Rajneesh Movement. According to Mr. Vaidya, this was the best assignment of his life.

Mr. Vaidya captivated the audience throughout the session by giving insights into Osho’s life from his early days, the key people involved in his life, and the controversies that surrounded him. The book answers all the questions and misconceptions on the life and death of Osho. The engaging session evoked the audience’s interest in reading the book.

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