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Content Writer 

Pune, India

Must have

  • Over 2 years of experience of creating content for website, newsletters, video scripts, and marketing campaigns

  • Experience in collaborating effectively across departments and conduct interviews for campaigns as required

  • Passionate about crafting content, exploring ideas, and sharing stories. Successfully apply that passion towards brand development, marketing campaigns, and consumer experiences both digital and in-person

  • Experience in reviewing, rewriting, and organizing content to ensure it is factually and grammatically correct

  • Willingness to be part of brainstorming/ideation sessions where we discuss target markets, brand positioning, campaigns, and other key areas where effective content plays a vital role

  • Ability to create marketing collaterals to assist business development and senior management

  • Experience in attention to detail and comprehension like Sherlock!

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

  • Willingness to take initiative and ask questions to get things clarified

  • Enthusiasm and drive to get things done

  • The ability to be a multi-tasker

Good to have

  • Fanatic attention to detail at work

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