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‘Design Friday’ at Extentia Featuring Afonso Arez

Pune, India, December 28, 2021


On Wednesday, December 22, 2021, Extentia hosted its last Design Friday session of the year. Design Fridays are a series on thoughtfully curated topics around Design and experience. These sessions are an opportunity for attendees, both Extentians and non Extentians – to level up their skill set. Our host for this session was Afonso Arez, an ex-CONNECT Intern at Extentia and currently Senior Product Designer (UX) at Attest, London. Hosted a session on the topic, 'Journey Through Design'.


The session was very informative, insightful, and educative yet enjoyable. Afonso shared his experience in Design – working in different countries and companies from various sectors. Lessons learned about the importance of good communications and how to overcome that barrier. And the importance of keeping an open mind and being flexible as every place has a different style of working. Afonso also shared several tools and logic and impact matrix he uses to assess his work and personal process – and personal progress. That everyone can use, not just Designers. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A.

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