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Education Solutions

Extentia has completed several custom educational software solutions.

Developing educational software has been at the core of our service offerings since the company’s founding in 1989. We have developed lesson based e-learning solutions along with dashboards for both students and teachers. These solutions were developed for both the web and as mobile apps. Our success in educational software development is due in large part to Extentia’s Experience Studio, our internal graphics design team that helped to define the product’s overall user experience.

 Thought leader in mobile education solutions for over ten years.

Service Offerings

  • A Word processor product suite with predictive correction for the desktop and proprietary embedded devices

  • An award-winning K-12 tutoring solution in the United States

  • A Special Education Program management software with tools and content for students with learning disabilities 

  • Platforms for collaborative learning, virtual classrooms, online learning, testing, and evaluation

  • Content development using mobile responsive technology and content authoring tools

  • Platforms for academic portals, content repositories, and management systems that can be used by institutions, faculty, and students

  • Design and development of e-Learning modules

Technologies We Work With

See our showcase to check some of our work.

To schedule a discussion, call +91-20-67285200 or write to us at                                         

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