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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Embracing the mobile digital future so your company can leap ahead.

Where is your company in the race to become a digital and mobile business? If you do not rethink your processes and enhance your customers' online experience, you will inevitably lose ground to competitors who do adapt. We will help you become a leader in your field and not a follower.

Everyone knows that you have to be digital to be successful, but it can be difficult to know where to start. We, at Extentia, being the experts in the field of enterprise mobility with a proven track record, can assist your organization with the proven strategies we have implemented with many other organizations.

Service Offerings

  • Building tablet and companion apps 

  • Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications

  • Developing new interactive and immersive content

  • Content migration to mobile

Connect with Extentia Today

Let Extentia help you imagine and create your digital mobile future.

To schedule a discussion, call +91-20-67285200 or write to us at 

From the Extentia Blog:

Top Ten Reasons to Build a Native App


Native apps can transform your business strategies and outlook. Building a trusted partnership with experience in every aspect of the application forms the basis of various benefits of what the application stands for. Thus a strong foundation promises success that can reach new heights.

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Digital Lifecycle Decisions – Should You Consider a Native or Mobile Web App?


Many organizations will make a knee-jerk reaction and think that they need native and/or hybrid applications for mobile devices without thinking through the specifics of coding issues, distribution issues, and what user problems that they are trying to solve. One must always survey the field, take stock of their resources, and then strategize.

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The Mobile-first Impact on Enterprise Mobility: Three Giants Focus on EMM


Enterprise mobility management has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times, and the increased popularity is a direct consequence of the penetration and reach of smartphones, which has had a massive impact.

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Pros & Cons of In-house Vs. Outsourced Mobile App Development


App development is not a space to enter into lightly, however, especially for those executives who may not be familiar with the process and the technology. While the benefits are enormous and the potential huge, app development is a serious commitment as well, in terms of both finance and the fact that it is space you enter for the long haul.

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Native, Web and Hybrid Apps – Understanding the Fundamentals

One of the essentials in understanding app development is the type of apps that can be developed. These are split into three categories – native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. Each category is unique, and all of them have some positives going for them, and some negatives that count against them.

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