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Extentia Hosts the First Session of the Mark My Words Series: ‘2020 – In Retrospect?’

Pune, India, August 13, 2021


On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, Extentia kick-started a brand-new series, Mark My Words – about conversations with Mark Luckey, the company’s long-time friend and partner. The first session of the series called, ‘2020 – In Retrospect?’ lasted for a little less than an hour, where Mark shared a few of his experiences and learnings from the past year of 2020, live from Melbourne, Australia on Zoom. Mark gave the participants a glimpse of how the COVID-19 pandemic has been and continues to be for him, along with reflecting on the experiences he has had while getting used to the different aspects of the new normal – working from home, to start with. During the well-attended session, he also shed light on ways of fighting the difficult days with resilience and focusing on the possibilities and opportunities in the new future with a

new perspective and ideas. 


Through a vividly visual presentation, he took the audience through the many things that he kept himself occupied with since March 2020 including self-reflection, journaling, writing stories, taking cold showers, coping with weight issues, rebuilding insomnia, reading, following the Greek Stoic philosophy from 500 BC, focusing on the Japanese psychology, learning from people and events he met and witnessed during the time, and spending time with family while quoting various scholars and poets for inspiration. Concluded by a quick spell of Q&A, the session left the audience with a lot to ponder over and reflect on.

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