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Intern Roles At Extentia

UI/UX Design

Interning in the UI/UX design wing is about more than just improving technical skills. While storyboarding, designing and implementing UI as well as testing usability, interns can let their creativity thrive. Typical roles and responsibilities:

  • Responsible for understanding the brief and converting that into an appealing, highly usable user-centric design interface, task flows, screen designs and interaction models

  • Develop understanding of the end users of the application through secondary and primary research (user interviews, research data) and thus capable of low fidelity prototypes and eventually high fidelity designs/mockups

  • Translate abstract concepts into simple and elegant user interfaces

  • Develop straightforward design approaches from complex design models

  • Collaborate actively as part of a multi-disciplinary team

  • Work closely with fellow creatives and developers to ensure a cohesive design process

Experience in visual design and an impressive portfolio are necessary to apply. 

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If you’re an Indian national, do not use this form. Please apply using

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