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Kony - Mobile Application Development Platform

Helping you develop native, hybrid, and web apps from a shared code base.

Kony, a powerful mobile applications development platform (MADP), allows developers to design scalable solutions for enterprises. Kony can help you define natively but deploy universally by using open and standard-based tools with JavaScript.


Our team of Kony experts can leverage this platform to create integrated native mobile and web applications across several industries in a fraction of the time you would expect. Our in-house Experience Studio will also provide an Extentia touch to your pre-built application with an excellent user experience.

 Our team utilizes high-quality standards to ensure the success of your mobile channel and the appropriate integration with your business model.

Service Offerings

  • App and back-end as a service

  • Hybrid mobile and web applications design

  • JS API framework design

  • Interaction design and native UX

  • Enterprise services and data integration

  • Backend analytics with built-in customized reports

  • Creating new business model and channels

  • Enterprise web apps migration

Service Offerings

Learn how Kony’s industry leading rapid-code platform can help you streamline your mobile development.

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