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Extentia Breakfast Talk: Indoor Gardening

Pune, India, November 15, 2019
Breakfast Talk - Indoor Gardening-min (1

Extentia hosted Nandan Kalbag for another breakfast talk on November 13, this time about indoor gardening. This was in continuation of his first session about wonders of nature which was liked by one and all at Extentia. A nature enthusiast and a renowned horticulturist, Nandan ventured into indoor gardening to explore nature at his doorstep. Using transcendent illustrations such as a plant that he has grown in a closed water bottle for two years and a succulent grown in a bottle cap, he explained to the audience how easy, beneficial, and manageable indoor gardening is.


He also educated the audience about growing and maintaining various indoor plants. The session included an introduction to creative techniques for making an indoor garden more interesting and personalizing it using miniature figures to create a micro-environment for them. The informative session concluded with questions from Extentians that Nadan gladly answered.

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