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‘Design Friday’ at Extentia Featuring Subhadra Ramaswamy

Pune, India, December 18, 2019


On December 13, Extentia hosted a Design Friday event on ‘Environments that Communicate’. In the hour-long session, Subhadra Ramaswamy – a museum designer with over 14 years of experience in film, broadcast, and museum communication design – spoke about several environments specifically designed to communicate. These include exhibitions, world fairs, heritage buildings, brand experience centres, and themed entertainment parks. The talk emphasized the need for interpretation designers, curators, industrial designers, architects, and historians in the museum design process.

The audience was made up of students from the Symbiosis Institute of Design, MIT Institute of Design, and Avantika University as well as members of various departments at Extentia. Subhadra also took the listeners through her experiences, while working at different institutions such as the Swaraj Museum and the Dajikaka Gadgil Museum. The session concluded with an interaction – a Q & A –  with the speaker.

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