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Extentia Hosts Design Friday – a Session about Designing Priceless Experiences

Pune, India, March 03, 2020


On February 28, Extentia hosted a Design Friday session with Ravi Badve – Director, MasterCard Customer Delivery. A certified Design Thinking professional and an ambassador of Design Thinking for innovation, Ravi spoke about ‘Designing Priceless Experiences’. In the hour-long talk, he emphasized how thoughtful human-centered design and an immersive understanding of users can create a truly priceless experience. The session shed light on the fact that design has evolved from mere aesthetics to a point where it now addresses the entirety of the consumer journey.

This time around, the audience was made up of several customers and friends, in addition to students from the Symbiosis Institute of Design and MIT Institute of Design as well as many Extentians. Using real-life illustrations, Ravi explained that harnessing the true potential of design unleashes creative products and services which establish a value that is felt and appreciated by users. For the students present, he also explained and referred to major design thinking principles while speaking about their application in businesses. The session concluded with a quick exercise where the audience was divided into groups and each group came up with a new WhatsApp feature that according to them could transform the entire experience of the app.

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